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Performance Underwriters

Performance Underwriters January 2019 – Present  

Disney’s High School Musical Jr.: January 2019
Shawn Harmon, Charles & Marie Myers, Ray Chadwick, John Chan Plumbing, Jim Beatty, Dancing Bear Rock & Minerals, Jeanine & Paul Nadel, Barbara Bloom, The Joseph Family, Janice & Bob Timm

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon: March 2019
CrossFit Firefly

A Place of Tomorrow- The Prophet Through Dance: April 2019
Redwood Taxi, Alliance Auto Service, AutoTech Design & Mtg., Herschel & Susan Gordon, Thurston Auto Plaza, Hydro Pacific Garden Supply, Redwood Empire Title Company, Magruder Ranch, Big O Tires and Arts Finance Resources

Danceology- This Body Dances: May 2019
Ukiah Natural Foods, The Joseph Family, Carol & Steve Park, LACO, Patrona Restaurant & Lounge and Umpua Bank

Winter Concert 2019 Featuring SambaDá: Novermber 2019
John Schaeffer & Nantze Hensley, Susan & Hershel Gordon, Kelly Townsend, Patrona Restaurant & Lounge, Braggadoon Signs & Graphics, Linda H. Bailey, Alliance Auto Service, David Nelson & Judith Fuente, Don & Lynda Coursey, Barbara Bristol, Reid & Deborah Edelman Bec & Ben Kageyama, Tom & Sue Mason, Jeni Sobbizadeh & Red Carpet Mini Storage, Drip Works, Comfort Inn & Suites and Hapton Inn

Danceology- This Body Dances: December 2019
Susan & Hershel Gordon, Ukiah Natural Foods, Arts Finance Resources and Joan McDowell & Russ Hardy

Robin Hood- The Courtship of Allan A’Dale: January 2020
Jeanine & Paul Nadel, Richard Harden & Phyllis Bluestein, Shawn Harmon, the Joseph Family, CrossFit Firefly and Dancing Bear Rocks and Minerals

It’s About Time- Dance Theater Extravaganza: May 2020
The Joseph Family, Patrona Restaurant & Lounge, Sam & Zoey Fernandez, Carol & Steve Park

Teen Reality- A Twist of Perspective: May 2020
The Joseph Family