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National Friends of SPACE

Bonnie Raitt

Arts Education is so important.  As a child, it shaped my view of the world, my view of life and I’ve  never looked back.”
 Bonnie Raitt




Holly NearHolly

I have watched children grow through the SPACE program in remarkable ways.  For some, it was the launching pad for careers in education and entertainment.  For others, it was the life preserver thrown just when they were sinking in to that place of despair that can overwhelm a child who does not feel safe at home or in school.
Laurel and Paulette, have a quiet and contagious way of bringing joy in to the lives of children.  Through dance and music and theater, the children learn about disability, race, class and gender but what they are really doing is dancing and singing. I love this program. Holly Near is an internationally know singer/songwriter and cultural worker. Since the beginning of SPACE she has performed concerts which benefit the SPACE Program.

Kevin BaconKevin Bacon

Click here to view Kevin Bacon’s message to SPACE Footloose students.




Alex de Grassi

“I’m delighted to donate time and services in the hope someone’s imagination will be sparked and young people will have an opportunity to perform.”
Alex de Grassi


Krissy Keffer

Krissy Keefer

Co-Founder of Dance Brigade, San Francisco’s groundbreaking, feminist social-change modern dance company.


Sarah Crowell

Sarah Crowell has been a dancer and an arts educator for over 20 years, specializing in dance, theater and violence prevention to youth all over the Bay Area.